In 1875, Robert Bulcock, an English immigrant bought 277 acres of land in the region. The town was surveyed in the 1870s, and land sales commenced in 1883.

It was during the 1880s that Caloundra began to acquire its reputation; with its proximity to beaches the area became popular with tourists as a seaside destination. The first hotel was built in 1885 on Shelley Beach and a number of hotels and guest houses followed in their footsteps.

In 1917, Robert Bulcock's son, Robert Bulcock Jr, subdivided the land into 404 lots. This area became known as Bulcock Beach, Caloundra and by 1933 had a population of 271.

Wayne & Lorna Reid purchased some property in the seaside town of Moffat Beach in 1979 then set their sights on additional land in 1986 where along with their son Josh Reid, they constructed the 15 room Ocean Views Motor Inn. The Motor Inn helped create great memories to many families visiting the region but after 20 years it was decided that the site would be demolished and re-invented into something that suited the direction the now infamous seaside town was heading in.

The old Motor Inn was demolished in January 2007 with building of the new complex beginning in July that same year. It was decided to keep the “Ocean Views” name but change it from a Motor Inn to Resort to reflect the changes the new complex would offer in moving forward with the times.

Ocean Views Resort was completed in August 2008 and is now home to 66 apartments and 5 commercial lots but remains home base for holiday makers visiting the region.

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